All american season 1 episode 9 recap

In the last episodeeverything was out on the table: Heidi knows what happened. Colin knows that Heidi knows what happened. And Thomas knows enough of what happened to bring the complaint to the inspector general, who will then surely find out what happened. Except when Colin peeled away from the former parking lot of the now-abandoned Homecoming building, there was an air of uncertainty about what might come next.

Heidi wonders how culpable she might be for her actions. Colin heads home, embarrassed and maybe a little ashamed, but not in any immediate trouble. Unlike during her time at Homecoming, when she was truly passionate about doing well by her charges, she cannot now excuse any of the aspects of her job that morally discomfited her.

She knows what happened to guys like Shrier, who failed the program before his six weeks were up, and guys like Walter, who made it all the way to the end, only to get cleared for redeployment. Guys like Walter, mind. So where does that leave Heidi?

Has she gone out on dates? Had friends? Done anything in the interim?

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All signs point to no. And they wanted you to run that whole company like that? Pay you that salary? It was fishy. She thought she was helping them recover, albeit in a medically extreme and ethically dubious way. And so she worked extremely hard to help these men feel better, accepting imperfect circumstances. He follows his instincts, investigates the complaint thoroughly, and sends it up the line. And even in her fragile state, Heidi goes right back to the restaurant, and starts the process of finding her footing again.

They want someone who will work hard and be flexible.If you thought All American was going to come back with a mediocre premiere to follow up that intense mid-season finale, you would be wrong. I was definitely wrong. We always want to see Coop happy, but we also need some conflict! Bringing Tyrone back into the Crenshaw mix gives Bre-z more substantial content to work with, and her acting really shines in the more dramatic moments.

Preach refusing to testify against Tyrone is a shocking reveal, and it exemplifies how the cycle of violence regenerates itself in gang situations—things are handled on the streets, not in court. Dillon just met his dad, only to have him immediately ripped away.

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The pain from loss is insurmountable, and any kid is going to have a hard time figuring out those feelings. One that comes around more than just once or twice a week, which is why it might make more sense for him to return to Crenshaw fulltime. With his desire to protect Coop, Spencer is bound to find himself in some dangerous situations. Again, how well All American has executed this mental health storyline can not be stressed enough.

We are in the ninth episode of the season, and still on this journey with Layla. Beyond just de-stigmatizing mental illness, All American is also normalizing therapy. Checking into a treatment center is a very real, very scary, but very valid way to get yourself help. In All American Season 1, my biggest criticism of Layla was how one-note her character felt. In many cases, she served as little more than a manic pixie-like love interest for the men of the series.

It adds an abundance of levity to her as an individual. Still, she needs to continuously work on her mental health. Having a character claim healing will be ongoing is one thing; showing us that process is another. Let us see her utilize the tools from treatment in order to stay on track. It will be interesting to see who Layla truly is. The possibilities are endless. The tone of the scene is light, filled with sunshine and optimism. The issue of gentrification is mentioned in casual conversation, but it feels like a throwaway line in the larger scope of things.

The focus, it seems, is on the growing tension between Dillon and Spencer. That tension between siblings has been a constant thread throughout the episode, but the scene feels finished once Spencer and Dillon reconcile. Looking back on the scene, I see the signs. The uncomfortable look from the owner when Spencer and his friends walk into the store, the implication of how gentrification affects predominately POC neighborhoods.

Olivia and Jordan are shocked at being profiled, while Spencer and Kia are all too familiar with the scenario. This pushes Olivia towards a new goal: expose racial injustice. It allows her to open her world view and do something with the advantages she has as a biracial woman from Beverly Hills.Forgot your password?

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all american season 1 episode 9 recap

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All American Episode 9 “Keep Ya Head Up” RECAP

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all american season 1 episode 9 recap

Log In. First Name. Last Name. By signing up, you agree to receiving newsletters from Rotten Tomatoes. You may later unsubscribe. Create your account Already have an account?All American has thrown so much family angst into the mix as of late, we almost forgot that this show is primarily about football. Seriously, did the playoffs even happen? Sure, he wants to win the title — but doing so would mean devastating Crenshaw and robbing his old neighborhood of a rare moment of happiness. Once the game gets underway, Coach Baker can immediately see that Spencer is pushing himself too hard, and he worries that Spencer is playing recklessly.

It turns out that Coach is right to worry: Moments later, during a play, Spencer brutally tackles his Crenshaw buddy Chris, leaving the teenager immobile on the grass for a few moments. Spencer panics after realizing he may have paralyzed his friend — and even after Chris begins to regain feeling in his legs whew!

He ultimately leaves a letter of resignation on his desk at Beverly High, then decides to temporarily move in with his father, Willy, in order to give Laura and the kids some space.

Later, though, Layla has a bit of a breakdown at her house, sobbing as she breaks and destroys nearly everything in her swanky pad. Olivia pays Layla a visit and finds the house in shambles, then comforts her friend as she cries.

In other, unrelated Olivia news: Asher is totally into her. Grade the episode in our poll below, then drop a comment with your full reviews! Click here to subscribe. Post to Cancel.So, Baker tells him to stop worrying about it. The best option is to lie to Jordan because Baker knows how much football means to him. Can you blame him? Also, Spencer was given the title of Division Player of the Year. He actually wanted to change his life around. Meanwhile, Layla was waiting outside the whole time.

I wish Spencer would stop playing games. If Layla is your girl then act like it. I liked Layla more during the homecoming dance because she had more confidence. Baker tells Jordan that he passed but Olivia suspected that Ripley had something to do with it. Olivia advises Jordan to ask her anyway. When he does, Ripley gets defensive and tries to turn it back on Jordan for accusing her. All of the evidence points to her! Layla finds Asher at the restaurant shooting pool.

The following day, Spencer gets a phone call from Patience urging him to talk to Coop because her behavior has been out of control. One minute he leaves her alone but she finds her way back.

All American Season 2: Everything You Need To Know - Cram Sesh

This time Coach Baker refuses to ease up and for the first time, Spencer gets put in his place. Like any loving parent, it concerns Baker to witness Spencer acting out this way.

The gang member tries to prevent Coop from saying something but it reignites her need to seek revenge. Finally, at the award ceremony, Coach Baker accepts his trophy and he gives a nice little speech.

Then Spencer accepts his award but he uses his speech as a catalyst for those not given the same opportunities to fulfill their dreams. Afterward, Coach Baker opens up to Spencer about how he got the job and he had to fight for the position like everyone else. Spencer walks in and Tyrone immediately approaches him. Back at the restaurant in Beverly Hills, Asher approaches Layla with a bouquet of flowers in hopes of starting over but he gets shot down.

He clearly misunderstood what she was saying earlier in the episode. This is it for her. How can Asher redeem himself? I would go as far as to believe that Tyrone asked the rival to kill Shawn, which could be why he had the bag of money.

This could also drive Coop to join the gang in order to get answers after having the talk with Tyrone about the post.

It seems that Spencer is trying to replace his father with himself. As a young African American man it can feel like the logical thing to […].

First things first, I am genuinely happy to see another predominately black teen drama, I just wish more things were happening on this show. That was centered around football too, but the characters were adults, so the themes were more scandalous. The premise of this episode is friendship, hence the title that I have chosen.

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Asher throws some serious shade and Coop gets a wake-up call that takes a turn for the worse. No Sunshine The show opens and the homecoming dance is over.

Everyone is going home. Spencer gets dropped off in front of his home in Crenshaw in a limousine and sees Coop sitting on the front steps. He can tell something is wrong. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.Spencer should be on top of the world-his football team is headed to the playoffs and he can finally be with Layla-but he can't shake a major tragedy that occurred causing him to question everything.

all american season 1 episode 9 recap

Meanwhile, Coop learns some disturbing information about a friend and Jordan is worried about the results of a drug test that could end his football career for good. Download Alternative link Download also Download Subtitle. Delivered by FeedBurner. Panic as WWE confirm first case of coronavirus. Sad day in football as ex-Chelsea and England goalkeeper passes away.

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Marlian Music - Dido Lobo Freestyle feat. King Promise. TV Series: The Blacklist. TV Series: Vagrant Queen. TV Series: Strike Back.

all american season 1 episode 9 recap

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Peruzzi - Reason feat. Selena Gomez - Souvenir. Peruzzi - Show Working. Sarkodie - Sub Zero.All American -- "m. All Rights Reserved. Obviously, Coop is hurting over his death but is this life he would have wanted for her? Kia, his ex-girlfriend, turns out to be his saving grace. She helps Spencer and Leila organize a community clean-up project to reclaim Essence Park from the gangs and make it habitable for the children of Crenshaw again.

Unfortunately, her uncle is less inclined to assist. During the clean-up, a record amount of people show up in support but Spencer gets discouraged when his petition is still left mostly blank. Not everything in All American this week is gang-affiliated though. Olivia and Spencer talk for the first time in a while, Spencer has a surprising heart-to-heart with Laura, and it even looks like Olivia and Leila might finally have their relationship back on track.

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